100% Fusible Alloy Link
December 11, 2015
J Hook with Oval Eye (Long)
December 11, 2015
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Fusible J Hook



Length 1.125
Large Diameter .200
Small Diameter .100
Not UL Listed

Special temperatures available upon request.

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 Pricing for Fusible J Hook
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Fusible J Hook Data Sheet

Overall Length: 1.377 in.

Bearing Length: 1.0 in.

Hook Wire Diameter: 0.093 in.

Rivet Diameter: 0.202 in.

Loop Radius: 0.089 in.

Temperatures(Fahrenheit): 165F, 212F


Base Material: N/A

Solder: Bismuth Alloy

Underwriters Laboratory Tested: NO

Maximum Operating Load: 8 lbs

Unit Weight: .0067 lbs

Dry Seal: Yes

Vibration Resistance: Fair

Note: These product is a thermal releasing device that can be used in many applications wherea system needs to be held open and then in the case of a fire needs to be closed automatically. These parts have been used in many different applications such as holding open parts washer lids, hanging fire blinds in windows, and hanging display signs in department stores. This is a very versatile product that is easy to integrate into many systems.

Acceptable Max. Ambient Temperatures For Specific Fusible Link Ratings. *

Fusible Link Rating:Maximum Recommended Ambient Temperature:
165F (74C)100F (38C)
212F (100C)150F (66C)

* Numbers derived from Elsie Mfg. Maximum Recommended Ambient Temperatures Table