Special Notice


In ALL handling of fusible links, care must be exercised to avoid any abuse or injury that could cause deformation, bending or mutilation, such as by a hammer, sharp tool, etc. Such damage could affect adversely the proper “break-away” of the fusible link and cause a malfunction.

Any fusible link showing evidence of damage MUST NOT BE USED.

Care must be exercised to select the correct “break-away” temperature fusible link in relation to the surrounding environment. For example, ordinary temperature links could “break-away” if placed too close to a hot radiator.


The restraining arrangement that incorporates the fusible link must be under at least the minimum preload pressure to assure that the link will “break-away” when the ambient temperature reaches the critical point…and that the device will operate when the restraint has thus been removed.

Also, the restraining arrangement, once released, must not interfere with the free closing action of the damper, door or other fire protection device.