We have used Elsie fusible links on our products since 1988. Elsie Manufacturing is a great company to work with and has always been willing to help us resolve any issues or special requirements. When our customers have unusual applications, Elsie has helped us fulfill the demand.

Gene Heil

Senior Engineering Specialist
Greenheck Corp
Air Control and Architectural Products Division
Phone: 715-692-6712
Personally, I have been with Ruskin for 32 years and Elsie was with Ruskin before I started. I am confident that the material received from Elsie is always the best. Elsie's sales and service is the finest of all of our suppliers. Testimonials about Elsie will probably all say the same thing; Elsie is a company of high moral values and excellent credibility and a real pleasure to do business with.

Carol Otto

Ruskin Company
Materials Analyst
Elsie Manufacturing has been a key supplier for my company for over 30 years. Their fusible links are a mandatory component to our product line. Elsie's ability to consistently fill our stock keeps our manufacturing process in smooth running. Elsie also has excellent support, they test and report concerning any fusible links that have popped in depth and provide a quick and professional report concerning their findings.

William P. Lloyd, President

Lloyd Industries Inc.