Model B Fusible Link (Short Hooks)
December 9, 2015
Model C Fusible Link (No Hooks)
December 9, 2015
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Model B Fusible Link (Long Hooks)


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Length 1.50
Width .563
Distance between centers – 0.938

Temperatures: Underwriter Labratory ListedListed in 135, 165, 212, 286, and 350 degrees F.

Temperatures: Non UL Listed in 370F, 386F, 536F

FM Listed in 165 and 212 degrees F
Special temperatures available; for loads 1 to 10 pounds inclusive.

*Links loaded linearly. 
With or without hooks:
Reinforced openings at both ends allow attachment
of straps, hooks and other connectors.

This temperature sensitive thermal release fire protection device is used in the Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration (HVAC&R) industry, fire door applications, on overhead doors and skylights as well as other mechanical configurations for fire safety.

Elsie Manufacturing has a three week lead time for the manufacture of your products on most orders. Orders with the quantity ordered under a hundred having a temperature of 165° and 212° may be shipped sooner.

We do not accept orders under $25.00.
For orders of over 2500 pieces email or call Toll Free +1 800-538-4163 during business hours.

 Pricing for Fusible Link Model B with Long Hooks
2500+Further ranges with reduced prices, email or call Toll Free
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Model B Data Sheet

Operating Temperatures: 135F, 165F, 212F, 286F, 350F

Underwriters Laboratory Listed: Yes

Operating Temperatures*: 370F, 386F, 536F

Underwriters Laboratory Listed: No


Minimum: 1 lbs

Maximum: 10 lbs


Length: 1.500 Inches

Width: .562 Inches

Distance Between Centers: .930 Inches


Stamping: Steel

Solder: Bismuth Alloy

Unit Weight: .016 lbs


Acceptable Max. Ambient Temperatures For Specific Fusible Link Ratings. **

Fusible Link Rating:Maximum Recommended Ambient Temperature:
135F (57C)100F (38C)
165F (74C)100F (38C)
212F (100C)150F (66C)
286F (141C)225F (107C)
350F (177C)300F (149C)
370F (188C)300F (149C)
386F (197C)375F (191C)
536F (280C)475F (246C)

* Many other Temperatures Available (non-UL listed)

** Numbers derived from Elsie Mfg. Maximum Recommended Ambient Temperatures Table