Model E Fusible Link (Long Hooks)
December 10, 2015
Model Y Fusible Link (Short Hooks)
December 10, 2015
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Model Y Fusible Link (No Hooks)


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Length 3.063
Width 1.125
For loads 1.25 to 40 pounds inclusive.
Distance between centers 2.250

Listed in 165 and 212 degrees F.
Underwriters Labratory Listed

Special temperatures available.

*Links loaded linearly.
With or without hooks:
Reinforced openings at both ends allow attachment
of straps, hooks and other connectors.

This temperature sensitive fire protection device is used in the Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration (HVAC&R) industry, fire door applications, on overhead doors and skylights as well as other mechanical configurations for fire safety.

Elsie Manufacturing has a three week lead time for the manufacture of your products on most orders. Orders with the quantity ordered under a hundred having a temperature of 165° and 212° may be shipped sooner.

We do not accept orders under $25.00.
For orders of over 2500 pieces email or call Toll Free +1 800-538-4163 during business hours.

 Pricing for Fusible Link Model Y
2500+Further ranges with reduced prices, email or call Toll Free
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Model Y Data Sheet

Operating Temperatures*: 165F, 212F

Underwriters Laboratory Listed: Yes


Minimum: 1.25 lbs

Maximum: 40 lbs


Length: 3.083 Inches

Width: 1.126 Inches

Distance Between Centers: 2.126 Inches


Stamping: .048 Steel

Solder: Bismuth Alloy

Unit Weight: .061lbs

Available with Long or Short Hooks Special Order

Acceptable Max. Ambient Temperatures For Specific Fusible Link Ratings. **

Fusible Link Rating:Maximum Recommended Ambient Temperature:
165F (74C)100F (38C)
212F (100C)150F (66C)

* Many other Temperatures Available (non-UL listed)

** Numbers derived from Elsie Mfg. Maximum Recommended Ambient Temperatures Table