Our Company

Elsie Manufacturing is a world leader in fusible materials used in fire protection. The principals at Elsie are the same that conceived, developed and patented the original fusible links back in 1947.

The sample thermal release mechanisms shown on this site are only a fraction of the custom links manufactured over the years by Elsie Manufacturing Company.
If your company has a custom application, Elsie’s 60 years of manufacturing service can produce a product to fit your needs.

  • Patented number of fusible links in stock rated 1 through 50 pounds.
  • Specialists in custom links.
  • Engineering assistance available.
  • UL Listed for 135°F , 165°F , 212°F , 286°F , 370°F , 386°F
  • Used by leading manufacturers of fire protection devices, including fire doors, fire dampers, part washers, gas & compressed air tanks, safes, gas pumps and chimneys.
  • Links shipped world-wide and to job sites.
  • Standard links in stock.
  • Special tooling no problem.
  • Price discounts for blanket orders.

Fusible links are temperature sensitive fire protection devices designed to be part of a fire protection system. The system is activated when the ambient temperature increases to the point that causes the fusible link to “break-apart”. At the point of breakage, it releases the pre-loaded fire protection device, thus restricting the spread of fire. Elsie fusible links are manufactured under the most rigid quality procedures to assure the highest possible degree of uniformity and “break-away” reliability.

Elsie fusible links have been applied all over the world in such products as pressure tanks, damper doors, fire doors, parts washers, gas pumps, sprinkler systems, safes and chimneys.

Many different applications have been analyzed and solved either with a standard or custom produced fusible link.